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If you have any questions we would be happy to help, please call on+44 (0) 208 574 4068 or you can e-mail us at

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JR Cadman Lamps
Unit 53 Waterside Trading Centre
Trumpers Way
Hanwell, London
W7 2QD, UK t.020 8574 4068
f.020 8574 4072

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Items for repair or conversion can also be delivered and collected from:
99 Walton Street, Chelsea
London SW3 2HH
T: +44 [0] 20 7584 0343
F: +44 [0] 20 7584 0284

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Expertly converting ceramics and decorative treasures into lamps for over 50 years. From workshops in West London we manufacture and restore decorative lighting including everything from delicate antiques to heavy chandeliers

We have 23 engineers working with a range of traditional skills including brass turning, rewiring, polishing, plating, conversion and restoration. We have wood turning and artists specialising in hand painting.

Antique Conversion, Re-wiring, Restoration, Gilding, Plating, Picture Lighting, Electrical Testing, Choir Stall Church Lighting, Heritage Lights, Low Energy, Chandeliers, Lanterns, IP44, CE, UL, British European and North American wiring.

Unit 53, Waterside Trading Estate
Trumpers Way, Hanwell
London, W7 2QD

020 8574 4068

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A Division of Belgravia Lighting